Valentine's Day Date Ideas at Home

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Valentine's Day is right around the corner. If you're low on money or you would like to do something special for your significant other at home, stay tuned as I will provide some ideas.

For us, every day is Valentine's Day. Last year, my love surprised me with these beautiful roses, it was so sweet and thoughtful of him. I know roses are a cliché but they are my favourite type of flowers.

Cook A Romantic Dish For Each Other

We all have a favouirte dish, maybe even more than one as there are so many great choices. Choose a dish your significant other loves the most and cook it. To make it extra special, here's a list of ideas to set up your table for your romantic dinner.

  • Use heart-shaped accessories

  • Put a couple/few candles on the table

  • Use a red or Valentine's Day tablecloth

  • Fancy glasses/Wine glasses

  • Set a homemade card/note for each other and place it on the table

  • Lighting is important, make sure your lights are dimmed or turn the lights off and use a bunch of candles.

  • You can place rose petals on the table

  • Place flowers in the middle of the table or anywhere you'd like

  • Keep it simple but creative

  • If you like Wine/Champagne, don't forget to grab it

Fondue For Two

For this one, you can choose different types for your personal choice, such as meat, cheese, and chocolate. My personal choice, especially for Valentine's Day, would be chocolate fondue. You can also buy a heart-shaped dish to put your melted chocolate fondue in.

Here are some of my ideas as to what you can use to dip into your chocolate fondue.

  • Fresh strawberries (is a must), banana slices, any kind of fruit

  • Pretzels

  • Wafer cookies or any type of cookies

  • Heart-shaped pink marshmallows

  • Heart-shaped shortbread cherry cookies

  • Rice Krispies treats, cut into hearts

  • Angel food cake cut into cubes or heart-shaped

  • Red licorice

  • Potato chips

Have A Video Game Marathon

My other half and I enjoy gaming, mainly Call Of Duty, so for us, this is something we'd do together. It makes an awesome night of entertainment. Choose any game, grab some snacks and dig in. Compete against each other or game together against others, the choice is yours.

Fruit Crepes

A wonderful and tasteful Valentine's Day breakfast idea is fruit crepes. You can be creative and choose as many ingredients as you'd like to make this breakfast to your preference, such as fruits, whipped cream, jam, Nutella, peanut butter, other kinds of spreads, you name it. Fruit crepes are something my boyfriend and I enjoy very much and the best part about it is you can make it the way you would enjoy it best.

Since Valentine's Day is nearby, check out this Amazon selection for the special holiday.

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