Our Weekend Getaway

My other half and I took a little trip to visit my aunt and uncle this past weekend, which we had planned a while ago, so we were excited when the weekend finally arrived. It was nice to get away for the weekend and to relax, have some fun, and enjoy the outdoors even though it was a bit cold.


Friday morning, as my boyfriend had gone to work, I grabbed our last-minute items and packed them into our suitcase. The day before I had already packed our clothes as I wanted to make sure we didn't forget anything.

When my boyfriend arrived home from work, we got prepared, placed our luggage in the car, and left for the drive to my aunt and uncle's house. We stopped at the gas station to fill up the car and my significant other grabbed two coffees for us, then we were on our way. During our beautiful drive, we sang many different songs, all of them being country. We stopped at Canadian Tire to grab a couple of small propane tanks then we drove to my aunt and uncle's place.

When we arrived, they had supper all prepared for us. Delicious BBQ ribs and baked potatoes with cheese melted on the top with a can of Pepsi for our drinks. We had wonderful conversations, and after supper, we played a few games of Tuck and headed for bed to get up early.


We woke up early and had a fresh cup of coffee. It snowed the night before so my boyfriend cleaned the snow off the car before we left to go ice fishing. I had everything prepared, but when we left I realized I had forgotten both of our Go-Pros. It was okay since we had our phones, but I was looking forward to trying out my Go-Pro.

We made a stop at Tim Horton's to order two large coffees before we drove an hour and fifteen minutes to Baker Lake to go ice fishing. It was my first time and I must say I like fishing in the summer better, but it was a lot of fun, even though it was cold. We didn't catch any fish, however, it was a great experience.


Sunday morning, my aunt and uncle made a nice breakfast for us. It was a breakfast sandwich on an English muffin with sausage, eggs, and cheese. We had coffee to go with it, as we all enjoy drinking coffee. Before it was time to go home, my boyfriend helped my uncle to fix his snow blower, then we played another game of Tuck, which is probably our favourite game to play now as it's a fun game, and we all get competitive.

The drive home was nice, listening to music, especially to keep us awake as we were both tired from the weekend. I had fallen asleep in the car for a short time, but when I woke up, I made sure to stay awake as I wanted to be able to fall asleep that night.

When we arrived home I spent some time with our dog Stella. She had really missed us when we were away and she was so excited when we walked through the door. I received a lot of kisses from Stella while I was petting her.

It was a great weekend, that's for sure. It was nice to get out of the house as we don't go out often anymore due to the restrictions. I think it's safe to say that we are already looking forward to our next getaway, which will be this summer and just the two of us.

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