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I've been sipping away at my coffee and looking outside the window, watching the snowfall. These past few weeks have been filled with excitement so I'll get right to it.

Fun in the snow

My boyfriend had gotten a snowplow for his four-wheeler, so he tested it out and it works great. It helps to get the job done in a much faster way. Instead of having to spend a couple of hours, he can plow the driveway in less than that.

As my boyfriend was plowing the driveway, I took some pictures and videos to capture the moments. Afterward, I spent some time with our dog, playing in the snow. Stella enjoys the snow and she sure had a lot of fun.

House Planning & Looking at Major Appliances

A couple of things that are exciting about getting ready to move into your house are planning how you want the inside of your house to look and looking at major appliances for your home. My boyfriend and I have been planning the colors of our home, where we want our major appliances and furniture to be, taking measurements, and figuring out what kind of flooring we would like to have. There is a lot more planning to do but we are excited.

We had gone to "The Bricks" store to look at many things we'd need for our home. We took measurements, tried out a mattress, figured out what kind of couch we'd like to have, and looked at a few major appliances that would be perfect for our home. Anyone could tell that I was excited as I was smiling the whole time.

There is a lot of work involved when building your home. We plan to start ordering furniture, major appliances, and anything else we would need by summertime. We had a bit of a setback due to the prices going higher but now we've decided to finish our home and hopefully, we will be moved in by next year.

Here's a picture of the view behind our house that I took this past fall.

Last-Minute Touch-Ups for Christmas

It's crazy how fast this month went by. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and today everyone is doing their last-minute shopping before the stores close for the holidays. That's exactly what my boyfriend and I did this morning.

We stopped at a few places to get things done. Of course, we couldn't help ourselves by stopping at Tim Hortons and ordering two large ice coffees with a shot of chocolate in each. Yes, I know, we get ice coffee in wintertime haha.

I had already gotten some things to put in my boyfriend's stocking so he made a stop to get a few things for mine. As soon as we arrived home he put everything in my stocking before I went into our bedroom.

The white/red stocking is mine and the white/grey/red one is his.

Merry Christmas

I'm wishing everyone a Merry Christmas right now since I'll be busy for the next few days. I have a ton of cleaning to do before Saturday (I need to make space in our room for all the presents since we aren't moved into our home yet). Merry Christmas everyone, from my little family to yours.

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