5 Things I Plan To Do When Restrictions Are Lifted

We all have hopes and dreams, especially for the pandemic to be over. I've been thinking about all of the things I would like to do when all restrictions are lifted. I know it's a matter of when and if but for now, all I can do is hope for the best.

1. Visit My Significant Other's Family/My Family

It's been two years since my boyfriend and I were able to visit his family. I remember our last trip there as if it were yesterday. There was lots of laughter, great vibes, and it was a trip I'll always remember. It was also the first time I met everyone.

My significant other and I are looking forward to the day we will be able to visit them again, in hopes that it will be soon rather than later. We've been able to see my family a few times but when we do I often feel bad because I know that my boyfriend is unable to go back home to visit everyone in his.

2. Visit An Amusement Park

I love amusement parks, and the funny thing is I tend to get motion sickness easily but there are a lot of rides I do enjoy going on. When I was younger, my family would plan a trip every summer so I got to experience going on different rides, which helped me figure out which ones would upset my stomach. My boyfriend had planned on taking me to an amusement park in Montreal. I was so excited but unfortunately, we couldn't make it happen as we had planned this before the pandemic happened, so this is one thing I hope we can do one day.

Fun fact: I've visited seven amusements parks in Florida before.

3. Travel

Traveling is something I've always wanted to do at some point in my life. There are so many places I would love to visit, Italy, Rome, Ireland, Paris, Greece, and that's only naming a few. To visit at least one of these places someday would be incredible.

To be able to explore different countries and cities would be a wonderful experience. Learning different cultures, being able to see the beautiful places in the world, and experiencing this with the love of my life would be perfect. I've never been to many places outside of Canada other than Florida and Boston. I've had great experiences with visiting those places but I would love to explore some more, especially the places I've always dreamt of seeing.

4. Go To The Beach

Feeling the hot sand in between your toes, soaking up the sun, watching the waves, I enjoyed the days when I use to go to the beach. Taking a day to lay on the beach towel and swim if I wanted to was a great way to spend a day. It's been more than a few years since I've last been to the beach and this is something I would love to do with my boyfriend, as we haven't had the opportunity to do so yet.

The beach is a relaxing place to go. I use to walk alongside the ocean and listen to the waves while collecting shells. I had collected so many shells yet I have no idea where they are so I'm looking forward to finding some more. Sometimes I would swim in the ocean but usually, I would read a book or lay on a beach towel trying to get a tan.

The day that my boyfriend and I get to go to the beach I'll be so excited. We may not get in the ocean to swim but I definitely want to walk along the shore with him and collect some shells. Just to have a relaxing day at the beach together would be perfect.

Go, Bowling

This is one of my favourite activities to do, especially with my boyfriend. We use to go out bowling once a week if we could to get out of the house, have some fun, and it made a great date night. The first time we went bowling together we went with some of his family.

I'll be honest, I'm not the best at bowling but we were there to have fun and make memories. Our evening involved a couple of drinks, competing against each other, and lots of laughter. It was a memorable day and I'll never forget how much fun that evening was.

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